The Laurenti Family Charitable Trust was established in 1999 in honor of Lawrence Laurenti Sr., by his family. "Larry" Laurenti, along with his wife Florence, was a successful business leader and a philanthropist in Mercer County. The trust was established to continue Mr. Laurenti's philanthropic legacy that has been a vital part of the Laurenti family history for over forty years. In four decades of charitable giving, Mr. Laurenti had dedicated his efforts and his love for the local community towards non-profit organizations, elevating problems, and making positive change within the community.

The mission of the Laurenti Family Charitable Trust is to continue Mr. Laurenti's legacy by impacting the quality of people's lives. The Trust supports programs and non-profit organizations that nurture children, the mentally vulnerable, and provides creative healthcare initiatives, including medical research, the arts, and scholarship support. Although the Trust targets the above initiatives, it will consider other important initiatives. The Trustees will consider supporting small capital grants as well, if they meet the mission of the Trust.



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